investor pitch deck template

Make your Story Compelling to Investors

A well-crafted pitch deck that appeals to investors tells a compelling story about your business and your brand. It provides investors with an overview of your business focused on showcasing your product, sharing your business model, giving a look into your monetization strategy, and introducing your team. 

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Why do I need a great pitch deck?

  • It is the first impression an investor receives when learning about your company in greater detail - a first impression is a lasting impression. 
  • People learn best through stories - telling a focused narrative in your pitch deck is critical to winning the attention of investors
  • Ascetics matter - professional design and flow are imperative to highlighting key things you want investors to know about your business

What makes a pitch deck great?

  • Easy to understand 
  • Informative and appealing, creating a feeling of FOMO
  • Creates credibility

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What do investors look for in a pitch deck?

Investors are looking for entrepreneurs who understand how to present their ideas, what they're asking for and why. They want to see more than just an idea on paper-they want the potential financial gains that could be realized by investing in this company. A good pitch deck will have the following elements:

  • Clearly defined needs currently being met in the market
  • Clear explanation of the product or service that will address this need
  • A detailed description of your target customer and how you plan on getting in front of them
  • Detail of your current traction, including metrics on usage and adoption
  • A roadmap on how you are going to utilize the funds being requested-specifically for growth, hiring, marketing and development
  • A growth chart correlated with your expected revenue or growth rate