monthly cash flow financial model

Gain Insights over Your Business' Finances

Understanding your cash flow is vital for your business and forecasting plays an important role in your finances. A cash flow forecast is a document that helps estimate the amount of money that’ll move in and out of your business. It also includes your projected income and expenses. Cash flow forecasts typically cover the next 12 months, but can also be used for shorter periods of time – like a week or a month.

  • User-friendly
  • Checked for accuracy
  • Adaptable to changes in your business
  • Professionally built by experienced PE/VC analyst


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Why do I need a professionally-built cash flow model?

  • Cash is king - investors and other stakeholders require an accurate depiction of cash inflows and outflows within your business
  • It provides full transparency of your company's finances - cash flow forecasts can act as an early warning for future issues
  • Flexibility and adaptability matter - a good cash flow model is dynamic and can be easily edited to reflect changes in your business 

What makes a cash flow model great?

  • Real-time assumptions 
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Offers key insights that can prevent issues before they occur

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