Financial Modeling is an Art & Discipline

Numbers. Detail. Spreadsheets. Complexity. That’s often what comes to mind when people think of financial models.

But if that’s all a model contains, it’s missing the point. A model needs to tell a story and be an outstanding communication tool. It needs to inspire confidence in the reader and help business professionals make the best financial decisions. A good model is intuitive, flexible, transferable and dynamic. It should also be well-designed and well laid out.

A powerful model provides tremendous insight about the inner workings of a business, but it must be built the right way.

At The Bergden Group, this idea is deeply ingrained in our values. We ensure that all of our models are much more than numbers. They are the narrative of sound business decisions, putting our clients in the best position to grow their businesses. 

About The Bergden Group

The Bergden Group was founded in October 2020 with the mission to give entrepreneurs and business owners the confidence they need to make informed financial decisions. 

We operate on the values of:

  • Passion for our clients and their businesses
  • Providing excellent service 
  • Compassion for all our stakeholders
  • Curiosity and understanding the unique needs of each client
About The Bergden Group

Our Team

Our Advisory Board


Jeffrey Goldberg

VP of Worldwide Supply Chain, Pelican Products


Charles Poteet

Director Corporate Development, Quiet Professionals


Emilie Wang, MD

Hematologist and Oncologist, Cancer Center of Sarasota


Patrick Worsham, CPA

Retired, VP & Chief Financial Officer, The Coca-Cola Company NA

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